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Monkey Safety Nets in Bangalore | Call 9900077665 for Price

Monkey Safety Nets in Bangalore

Ensuring Primate Protection: Bhumika Safety Nets’ Monkey Safety Nets in Bangalore

The bustling city of Bangalore, known for its vibrant tech industry and lush greenery, is also home to a significant population of monkeys. While these intelligent creatures bring charm to the urban landscape, their presence can lead to unforeseen safety hazards for both humans and monkeys alike. Bhumika Safety Nets, a renowned name in the safety nets industry, has taken the initiative to address this concern by introducing specialized Monkey Safety Nets in Bangalore.

Enhancing Safety for Monkeys and Humans
Bhumika Safety Nets recognizes the importance of safeguarding both monkeys and residents in the city. Bangalore’s rapid urbanization has led to shrinking natural habitats for monkeys, forcing them to explore human-dominated areas in search of food and shelter. Unfortunately, this interaction has resulted in incidents like monkey bites, property damage, and even monkey-human conflicts. The Monkey Safety Nets provided by Bhumika Safety Nets act as a protective barrier, preventing monkeys from accessing areas where they could be at risk or causing potential harm to residents.

Eco-Friendly Solution
Bhumika Safety Nets takes pride in its eco-friendly approach towards wildlife conservation. The Monkey Safety Nets are designed using high-quality, durable materials that do not harm the environment. These nets are made with non-toxic, eco-conscious materials, ensuring that the natural behavior and movements of monkeys remain unaltered. The nets are installed with precision, causing minimal disruption to the surrounding environment while offering maximum protection.

Expert Installation and Customization
With years of experience in safety net installations, Bhumika Safety Nets’ team of experts ensures a seamless and efficient setup of the Monkey Safety Nets. Each installation is customized to suit the specific requirements of the location, accounting for the layout of buildings, green spaces, and potential monkey entry points. By covering open spaces, balconies, terraces, and gardens, these nets prevent monkeys from entering residential and commercial premises without causing any harm to them.

Bhumika Safety Nets’ Monkey Safety Nets in Bangalore represent a commendable effort towards harmonizing human-monkey coexistence in the city. These nets not only protect residents and their properties but also contribute to the welfare of monkeys by ensuring their safety and well-being. As Bangalore continues to grow and evolve, such compassionate and eco-friendly measures serve as a model for other cities to emulate in promoting human-wildlife harmony.


High-strength, durable, and weather-resistant material such as nylon or polyethylene.


Net Size

Fine enough to prevent pigeons from getting through but large enough for sufficient airflow.



Customizable sizes to fit specific areas, typically ranging from a few square feet to larger installations.


Net color

Often available in discreet colors like black or transparent to blend with surroundings.


UV resistance

Should be UV-stabilized to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without deterioration.


Installation hardware

Comes with necessary mounting hardware like hooks, cables, or clips.



Low-maintenance design, easy to clean, and resistant to mold and mildew growth.